What is StatusDuck? The Mac tool that you’ll need today!

All casual Mac users know and use the Mac OS X Dock, and for users who do large amounts of work on their Mac’s the Dock is most probably one of those tools you would use very frequently.

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That said, there is a whole other section of Mac users out there including myself who are definitely not the biggest fans of the Mac OS X Dock. Even people who use it for work at times do find it to be inconvenient.

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The reasons which people don’t like using the OS X Dock vary, some of the issues people do have, myself included are for starters it is always in view, this can sometimes be a bit of a distraction when trying to get a lot of work done, the icons are just sitting there without need.

The amount of screen space it takes up is also a cause for concern, more so if you have added on more apps to the Dock, it will just keep on growing in both directions too and in the end just adds up to a lot of visual clutter.

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And if you are trying to reduce the clutter and drag out an icon from the Dock it will just disappear, and it is a task to find them again.

The OS X Dock does not display any labels for the icons as well unless you drag your mouse over that icon, so for people with multiple work folders that sometimes look the same, this can be quite frustrating when trying to work fast.

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There is though the option of hiding the Dock completely but by doing this you will remove all its utility as well. So, for those who don’t mind using the Dock all is well.

But for those who want similar utility without the bulk, there are solutions in the form of apps that you can install, some which turn the menu bar into something similar to the Dock, read on for more details.

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What is StatusDuck

The OS X Dock although a good feature of the OS and also one of the most used by the average user, for people who use their Mac’s as workstations this may not be the ideal solution due to the amount of overlap and screen space taken.

This is one of the key reasons why various apps that substitute the Dock for something else like the menu bar are available and commonly prefered by Mac users.

Some of these apps can turn out to be more complicating and confusing than the Dock you are trying to replace.

This is where StatusDuck comes in, among others out there StatusDuck provides an excellent solution for a replacement to the OS X Dock and is not as complex as the other apps available.

When you use StatusDuck all your needed folders, files and apps will be neatly arranged within the menu bar, this approach takes up no screen space and is way less obstructive while working.

So, whether you find the Dock icons distracting or dont want to right click and then exit apps anymore, StatusDuck is a good solution. Read below for more information about Status duck.

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StatusDuck is an easy to use app which will give you similar functions as the the Dock but with no screen space taken, instead StatusDuck puts all your apps and folders seamlessly into the menu bar.

Once you have installed StatusDuck on your Mac you will be able to open windows and folders, launch or close applications with ease as well as managing and sorting out active programs.

Using StatusDuck you can drag and drop apps into your Menu Bar and also check on their status.You will also be able to drag your favorite folders into the menu bar for easier access.

StatusDuck App for Mac

You can pin your favorite apps for faster and smoother access without the need to open the Dock.

If you have several folders side by side it can cause them to be confusing, so if you want to take advantage of this feature customize the folder icons.

StatusDuck will also automatically add shortcuts for important and the most used Dock apps or folders to the menu bar, which you will definitely find helpful. You will be able to hide apps and icons you do not need in you menu bar too.

Interaction with the StatusDuck UI is similar to using the OS X Dock with a few tweaks for added benefit. To open an app just click on the corresponding icon, to bring an open app to the main screen simply click on it.

And if you need to close an app all you need to do is click on its quite tiny red ‘close’ button located on its top right, this replaces the standard right click followed by a move action toward the red x the right corner. Moving the pointer over the mini X in the menu bar expands it to cover the icon and by clicking it you will close the application.

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To switch between active apps you can click on an app as you would in the Dock. You can do all this with just one click.

When using StatusDuck you can even draw up more options for each app. If you right click on a particular apps icon, a drop down menu will provide an option to Terminate, which will close the app.

The Sticky option will allow an app to permanently remain on your menu bar and the Hide option will remove an app from the menu bar.

StatusDuck right click options

In the StatusDuck preferences tab you will find settings like assigning the maximum width of icons and also options to show or hide the Finder and Trash icons.


The StatusDuck is a helpful app and a suitable substitute to the OS X Dock. It opens and closes apps quickly and easily, the same thing most users need the Dock for.

It works well to provide similar functionality to the Dock but does away with all the extra clutter and free’s up all that screen space by moving the icons to the menu bar, important if you really need it.

So if you have been looking to replace your Dock you should definitely give StatusDuck a try.

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