6 Best Mechanical Keyboards For Mac 2022

We curated a list of the best mechanical keyboards for Mac. Check it out!

When it comes to keyboards the options available now are never ending with dozens of companies and even more models out there. So choosing the right one for you can be confusing at times.

There are two main types of keyboards right now, Membrane keyboards are the ones with the newer technology between the two and are currently installed in most laptops and general purpose keyboards.

On these keyboards, all the keys are inter connected via a unified circuit board beneath and work by passing electric signals when keys are hit. These keyboards feel more mushy and soft when pressed. These keyboards are cheaper because of the lower number of parts, they are also less noisy.

Mechanical keyboards though come with individual spring loaded keys that create a very unique click sound when pressed. Some people prefer this while others may find it a bit irritating.

If you are looking for better accuracy and more importantly key rollover then this is something only a mechanical keyboard can give you.

When using a membrane keyboard, only one keystroke at a time can be registered which sometimes means missed key presses which is a definite no when gaming.

On the other hand, a mechanical keyboard can register multiple keystrokes simultaneously as mechanical keys are individually actuated.

Top Mechanical Keyboards For Mac

Most people using Mac’s today are not very particular about what keyboards they use, almost all just use Apple’s Magic Keyboard, but on the other hand, there are those like gamers who love mechanical keyboards for their clicks but mainly key roll over.

Mechanical keyboards are way more customisable as well, users can choose from a number of different types of keycaps and also get the colours they like. This allows you to make your keyboard just right for you and your personal style.

So for people who need the mechanical keyboard whether, for work or play, we have put together a list of some of the best mechanical keyboards out there right now.

Varmilo VA87M Mac

Best Mechanical Keyboards For Mac

This keyboard from Varmilo comes with a variety of Cherry switch options, the MX brown switches are perfect for open shared office spaces because they do not make too much noise when they click.

It comes equipped with a detachable mini USB cable which is easy to replace if need be, they also provide a wire keycap puller for the times you are going to clean or replace keys.

These keyboards come with a few media keys which are not fully programmable but some functions can be customised to a certain extent.

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This is also a tenkeyless keyboard meaning there is no built in numpad here which makes it perfect if you have a tight desk. These space savers are especially good for people who do not really need a numpad while working.

And if you do need a numpad occasionally get a small one like a Leopold so you can put it away when you don’t need it.

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Keychron K1 V5

Best Mechanical Keyboards For Mac

This keyboard by Keychron is available in two options, a regular full sized one and a tenkeyless,

Different switch options are also available in red, blue or brown. This keyboard also offers two choices of backlight, RGB and white.

The build quality of the Keychron K1 is particularly good seeing that it costs under 100 USD. The back frame is made of aluminium which also houses the USB-C port and the toggle buttons. The keycaps are made with ABS plastic.

The keys on this board are also low profile switches, which are amazing to use and have minimum wrist exertion due to the low height.

The function keys are similar to those on a Mac and if the keyboard is on Mac mode then you can use different functions without having to press the FN key.

Battery capacity is around 2000 mAh which with average use lasts about 3 days but will vary depending on the extent of your use.

This keyboard is perfect for gaming as well, it comes with a wired mode where it can be plugged in and used, this will reduce the latency caused by Bluetooth connections.

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Epomaker GK68XS

Best Mechanical Keyboards For Mac

Epomaker is a relatively new player in the keyboard game. This model has a 65 per cent layout and is hot swappable which makes it convenient to switch to a different type of key switch without having to do any soldering or such.

It has an aluminium case with good build quality making it very sturdy with better sound, it has Bluetooth 5.1 and can connect with up to 3 devices, it comes with RGB lighting that has 16.8 million colours as well.

The keycaps are dye subbed PBT thermal sublimation caps that are abrasion resistant and have a GSA profile for better ergonomics. This keyboard comes with a choice of either Gateron or Cherry MX switches on order but also supports Kailh box switches as well.

Another good feature of this keyboard is its space bar which can be switched out from the single long one to three separate keys which can double as an FN or Shift key when you reprogram them.

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The GK68XS is also completely programable, you can change the functions of any key you like to make customised macros and create layers for added function.

This keyboard comes with a 1900mAh battery included which ensures long hours of wireless connectivity through Bluetooth, it also comes with a Type-C USB cable for emergencies or complete delay free connections.

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iKBC W200

Best Mechanical Keyboards For Mac

The iKBC W200 is a simple keyboard and does not come with any of the fancy lighting and such, it has basic black and white lettering which is double shot moulded so your legends will never be subject to wear and tear.

With this keyboard, there is no need to worry about recharging the battery all the time because this uses AAA batteries that can be replaced in an instant. Battery life is long because there is no backlight option.

It comes with a 2.4Ghz wireless dongle to connect to your computer. This is good when compared to Bluetooth connectivity but this also means that it cannot connect to phones or tablets because it requires a USB port for the dongle.

Keycaps are made of PBT and have a textured feel for better typing, they are even oil resistant.

iKBC also specialises in its stabilizers which provide an amazing feel. And as for the switch options, Cherry MX red, brown, and blue are available to pick from.

These switches are very tactile and have a little extra resistance that kicks in before complete key activation.

The Cherry MX blue switches are perfect for typists who like to get feedback from their keyboards along with a tactile bump and very audible click. Although if you do choose these switches they might be a bit loud for some corporate offices.

On the underside of the keyboard, there are two dual angle adjustable kickstands which are really convenient and rubber feet as well to keep the keyboard from sliding around.

This is a good, simple keyboard with none of the extra unnecessary flashy stuff, if you don’t like all that, the long battery life and the fact it uses a dongle helps you connect to devices that do not have Bluetooth.

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Das Keyboard 4 Pro

Best Mechanical Keyboards For Mac

The Das Keyboard 4 Pro is a beautifully designed full sized mechanical keyboard, and as far as quality is concerned, is one of the closest to Apple’s own build quality.

The keyboard top panel and its casing are made of aluminium which provides proper sturdiness and protection for better longevity.

The Das Keyboard 4 Pro comes with 2 built in USB 3.0 ports and if you are a music lover, you will surely enjoy using the dedicated media control buttons especially the huge volume knob.

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If you require these media keys for your work as well the easy access volume knob and other media keys will save you loads of time, they can be used when working with another application on full screen. This keyboard also comes with specific Mac OS function keys that make it all the more convenient to use.

Thanks to the USB ports, the Das keyboard 4 makes it so simplified when you need to plug in some extra peripherals like a microphone, webcam etc, no more stretching out to the CPU to plug stuff in.

And as for switches you get to choose between Cherry MX Brown or Blue switches, decide which depending on how loud you want your clicks to be.

This keyboard is one of the best on this list and should last you a very long time, whether you use it to game or programme.

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Matias FK303 Mini Tactile Pro

Best Mechanical Keyboards For Mac

If you want something that looks similar to the original Apple keyboard, that clean crisp white, but want to go mechanical the Matias Tactile Pro is definitely one to consider. With its looks, it will fit in well with the rest of your Mac setup.

This keyboard features the classic Alps mechanical switches, comes with laser etched keys that will never fade out and has three USB ports for connecting any peripherals you need.

Keep in mind that the switches with this keyboard are fairly loud. The Alps switches have a nice tactile bump and good sensory feedback while typing.

These switches may not be the best choice if you are in an open office environment and can be disturbing to people working around you.

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The better feel of the keys while typing, the sweet sound of the clicks and the unmatched performance that a mechanical keyboard can deliver is definitely worth spending the few extra dollars. The keyboards listed here, their layout and style, all suit the Mac well.

The ones that have been listed here are some of the best out there and are worth considering if you want to switch to a mechanical keyboard for your Mac. The information provided here is to make your task easier. If you are going to use it particularly for programming or gaming mechanicals are the best.

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