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6 Best Airpods Pro Cheaper Alternatives for good sound within a budget!

No matter what product it is, Apple is the iconic brand that stands out from the others. The same applies to all of the products they offer, including Airpods Pro. All Apple Products, including Airpods, are priced much higher. Yet despite the same, the demand for their products continues unabated. And Apple is the first US Trillion-Dollar Company, which is worth more than the GDP of Switzerland. Thus, it is pretty evident that highly-priced Apple products, including the Airpods, would continue to be in great demand. 

What do we mean when we speak of the best fake Airpods Pro?

If you are on the lookout for a high-quality pair of fake AirPods, in other words, the best fake Airpods Pro, there are plenty on the market. Most of them are designed to mimic Apple’s iconic design. Most recent earbuds tend towards rounded shapes. But if you want the most economical ones, the elongated ones could be just what would suit your needs in terms of pricing. 

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If you check on Amazon, you will find plenty of options in this category. But unfortunately, they are not of the best quality. When it comes to the best fake Airpods Pro, you should look for the ones that are well tested and deliver quality that in some way match the original products, even though they may not be the cheapest in the market. After researching the best fake Airpods Pro, we found the following:

Why is the best fake Airpods Pro difficult to track?

Finding the best fake Airpods Pro can indeed be a pretty challenging job, and that too for good reasons. First and foremost is the reason that they are often sold through third-party retailers. They usually do not have any association with Apple. Besides, Amazon also closely monitors copyright issues. Thus, availability is always a big concern for the best fake Airpods Pro.  

The following is a shortlist of what we feel are the best fake Airpods Pro. At present, in our opinion, considering the various factors, the TaoTronics Sound Liberty 53 tops the list.

Amongst the many great features that it offers, they are waterproof, which makes it pretty unique. They also consume minimum battery.

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In our list, it is closely followed by the Anker Sound core comes in the second spot. Here is the following list:

1. Taotronics Sound Liberty 53

If you check, it is pretty light. And has good battery life. The Bluetooth range is 33 feet which, if converted to meters, is 10 meters, which is pretty reasonable. The digital assistant is also available with this pair of Airpods which is good. 

One point to note for buying is that it offers a pretty audio performance. The pair also has good battery life. Another impressive feature about the TaoTronics Sound Liberty 53 is that it has a portable and powerful charging case. But one slight drawback is that the controls and fit could have been better. 

So, all the features together put this pair of fake AirPods, in our opinion, at the top of our list of best fake Airpods Pro. 

2. Anker Soundcore Liberty Air

The second position in the list of best fake Airpods Pro is the Anker Soundcore Liberty Air. The Liberty Air True sounds better than most models in its price class, along with current-gen Apple AirPods. It also features ear tips for a comfortable fit and 5 hours of playtime on one charge. But one drawback is that it lacks noise cancellation like that found on Apple’s latest buds. On the other hand, the Liberty Air True sound quality surpasses the performance on many other wireless headphones within this price range while providing an excellent assortment of ear tips to create your perfect seal (hence stabilizing their purchase) and ensuring you get a remarkably high-quality audio experience. 

To summarize this great pair of AirPods, we can say that it’s good points are that it is lightweight and offers an excellent fit to its users. It also has a standardized battery life, which is pretty good. But the main feature that makes it stand out from its competitors in the field is that it offers a very clear sound. But it has some drawbacks as well. These include it has poor touch controls and might catch scratch marks easily.

Thus, everything put together if you want to buy the best fake Airpods Pro, this particular one can very much fit in that category and is at the very top. 

3. Anker Soundcore Life P3

In our opinion, the next and third one which features in our list of best fake Airpods Pro is the Anker Soundcore Life P3. It weighs just 0.2 ounces per bud, which means that it is pretty light. It is available for just $ 79, which makes it pretty affordable for most people. Given the relative price, it offers a pretty decent and warm, and satisfying sound. What is even better is that it also provides customizable sound.  The airpod pair also has a decent battery life too. But some drawbacks include that the controls are not the best in the market. And the call quality also disappoints

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All the pros put together; we have put the Anker Soundcore Life P3 in the third position on the list of best fake Airpods Pro. But considering everything and especially the low price at which the fake Airpods Pro are available by buying these fake Airpods, it is a pretty decent deal. It is also available in white.


4. Urbanista Stockholm 

If you are fond of the looks of fake Airpod Pro, the Stockholm Earbuds is a more fashion-forward option than Apple’s AirPods. The matte finish comes in multiple colors, and the 5G Bluetooth holds up firm for music and calls without dropout. You may experience some lack of bass when listening to music but should stick with vocal-driven recordings instead; podcasts are recommended! The Stockholm comes in multiple colors and has a matte finish that looks great no matter what you wear them with. The pair of Airpods also sound pretty crisp. But at the same time, you must not expect much bass or highs if listening to music; stick to vocal-driven recordings to make sure performance isn’t bad at all, though! We recommend these buds most for podcasts. 

Speaking of drawbacks, this pair of fake Airpods is weak on the battery life side. The other drawback is poor noise isolation. 

Even though this pair of Airpods has some drawbacks, considering the attractive looks, it puts the Urbanista Stockholm in the fourth position of our list of best fake Airpods Pro. It is what one might consider buying while looking to buy fake Airpods.

5. Ear Fun Air

Last but not least, the fifth one in our list of the best fake Airpods Pro is the Ear Fun Air. The AirPods are a solid effort that’s well-engineered on the audio end, giving high-pitched vocals prominence on recordings while producing rich bass depth to balance out the sound. We attribute the Air’s resonant output to the buds’ fit as they create a tight seal around your ear, which keeps the music from leaking and noise seeping in. The added playtime is also appreciated relative to other Apple products (the regular AirPod or Pro). 

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The good points about the AirPods are that they offer a bright Sound Stage and have superb noise isolation. Apart from this, the battery life is also pretty impressive since it is very stable. But much like most of its competitors’ drawbacks include poor touch controls. Also, the fact that it has a bulky charging case is a bit disappointing.  And it is pretty heavy at the same time. 

Even though it has certain drawbacks, this particular pair of AirPods is something you could definitely consider buying while considering the best fake Airpods Pro.

6. Air 60 / Air 80 TWS

A true Airpod Pro replica is the Air 60 or the Air 80 TWS. It has the exact same form factor. It costs around $25. It has Noise cancellation, touch sensor among other features. It gives you 3 to 4 hours of continuous use. Runs on the latest BT5.0 chip. The 12mm speaker ensures high quality sound. It’s also sweatproof.



To conclude, we can say that matching the supreme quality that the Apple Airpods offer is difficult to match by the fake ones. Nonetheless, we researched the field and feel that the ones mentioned in the list are the best choice you have considering the current market. We hope that if you buy one of them, it will meet your expectations in every aspect. 

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